A 2D electrophoresis problem during IEF step

Sergey V. Shulga-Morskoy TheMadScientific at peoplepc.com
Sat Feb 23 01:04:46 EST 2002

Did you add urea in IEF buffer?
"RJ" <RJ230 at hotmail.com> ???????/???????? ? ???????? ?????????:
news:3C771C15.BE4C520C at hotmail.com...
> When I run isolelectric focusing of my proteins, they seem to become
> insoluble and precipitate in the IPG strips. I can even see them as
> whitish bands fosuced nicely. But the problem is that they don't seem to
> be able to get to the second dimension. Has anyone come across the same
> problem and if yes, is there any solution?
> Thanks
> RJ

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