Catrimox lysis of whole blood for RNA & DNA

Wolfgang Schechinger wolfsc at
Tue Feb 26 00:41:11 EST 2002


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> Since 1994, our lab has been pleased with using Catrimox cationic
> detergent for lysing
> whole blood, followed by GiTC/phenol/chloroform ext'n to obtain BOTH
> RNA & DNA simultaneously from each prep (we use neutral pH GiTC/phenol).
> We use this to test blood for RNA & DNA viruses in animals.
> Problem is, Iowa Biotech sold patent for Catrimox to Qiagen, who now has
> discontinued the product. They tried a kit based on Catrimox but it
> failed.
> Calling all Catrimox users out there! Has anyone found a suitable
> replacement
> for Catrimox? We need a fast, convenient way to obtain BOTH RNA & DNA
> at the same time from each prep, without hassles of back-extracting,
> etc.
> I am not aware of any kits which allow one to do this.
> Thanks,
> Andre Hamel
> ahamel at
> Virology Lab, Veterinary Services, Manitoba Agriculture, Winnipeg,
> Manitoba, Canada
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Dr. Wolfgang Schechinger
Institute of Biomedical Sciences
Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan R.o.C.


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