Scanner recommendations?

Wed Feb 27 13:07:34 EST 2002

We purchased two HP ScanJet 4c/T and a superscaner/densitometer from BioRad. 
After three or four years of intensive use, we routinely use the HP scanners 
almost for everything, including the scanning of autorad films for densitometry, 
even when the BioRad machine is supposed to be far better. In my opinion, the HP 
scanners are fast, user-friendly and "software" robust (under win 95-98), and 
their quality is impressive for a multipurpuse non-profesional device.
Sergio... of course no aff. with HP.

Ian A. York wrote:

> We're looking for an inexpensive scanner.  My problem is that critical
> information seems to be hard to find in the ads for various models:  
> Specifically, how large a transparency will it scan?  (Some otherwise
> fine-seeming scanners turn out to only scan up to 5 x 7 transparencies.  
> We need 8 x 10, at least, so we can scan in autorad films.)
> Does anyone have a recent scanner they're either particularly happy, or 
> particularly unhappy, with?
> Ian 

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