Adjustable multichannel pipettes

Jasmine-Pilar jasmine_pilar at
Wed Feb 27 15:33:00 EST 2002

JWTuna at (Tuna) wrote in message news:<417a5138.0202270702.636baaee at>...
> Hi all,
> At a conference recently, while doing the freebee tour of exhibitors,
> I saw an adjustable 12 channel pipette. Not strange you say....
> These could adjust the distance between for example I am
> loading a 96 well plate onto a 96 comb PAGE seq gel, the problem being
> the spacing between the wells and comb teeth is different :(
> Anyone know who makes these as I did what everyone does at conferences
> and was so hungover, I mean concentrating on the interesting talks so
> hard the next day I didn't get details :(
> Chouns


I believe Matrix sells those.

Good Luck,

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