Isolation of Cytosol. protein

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Cobalt resin is an option. I never used it myself though, but I've heard
that i should solve problems as yours now and then


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> Hi there
> I am also trying to purify a his tagged protein from E.coli. i do get
> the protein from the Ni-NTA resin but it isa contaminbated with other
> proteins also.I have heard about using glyvero. Can you tell me more
> about that.
> Tariq
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> > I am using Ni-NTA resin to purify a cytosolic protein. I was getting
> > lower  order bands on the SDS-PAGE gels. I tried to purify the protein
> > the presence of 40% glycerol, and I got rid of the lower order
> > bands but now I am getting some higher order bands.
> > Has anyone experienced a similar problem with their cytosolic protein
> > they try to purify in the presence of glycerol?   Any suggestions would
> > be greatly appreciated.
> >
> > Jaspreet Kaur (jkaur at
> > University of Guelph
> >
> > //Jeff Haines (jhaines at

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