Software for viewing .ab1-files?

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Sun Jan 6 13:49:49 EST 2002

Thank you for recommending our product.  Please note that to VIEW AND PRINT
(as opposed to extract sequence data only), you should use the SeqVerter
component of GeneStudio Pro and not the standalone SeqVerter program.

The SeqVerter component of GeneStudio (formerly called GeneStudio LE) is
free.  The full version of GeneStudio (currently released as public beta 2)
currently contains two additional components: a very sophisticated Alignment
Editor and a Contig Editor for assembly of automatic sequencer trace files.
GeneStudio is compatible both with ABI and SCF file formats.

The GeneStudio Team

"Tornøe" <jens at> wrote in message
news:aDXZ7.9608$aS.1445033 at
> > Do you know if there exists a free software to view and print out files
> > generated with Applied Biosystems Sequencing software? We need to see
> > some histogram files (.ab1) but have not ready access to the sequencing
> > software.
> I can recommend SeqVerter from GeneStudio ( In
> contrast to Chromas it is freeware, and I find SeqVerter to be better
> designed and having more features than Chromas.
> Jens

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