rNTP analogs

anton tutter tutter at mac.com
Mon Jan 7 22:53:59 EST 2002

hi all,  a few questions regarding rNTP analogs:

1) are there any rNTP analogs other than 3'-deoxy analogs that can function
as chain-terminating NTPS in RNA synthesis? (i.e., O-methyl rNTPs, etc...)

2) is O-methyl rGTP hydrolyzable?  i.e., can it substitute for GTP in
GTPase-dependent events?

3) can GTP-gamma-S incorporate into RNA, or is it chain-terminating?

basically, i am looking for two separate things:  chain-terminating rNTPs
that will *not* interfere with NTP hydrolysis, and the converse:
non-hydrolyzable NTPs that are also non-chain-terminating.


anton tutter, ph.d.
harvard medical school
dept. of biochemistry and molecular pharmacology
walter lab, c2-322
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