biotinylated 80bp-Fragment

user q6252397 at
Wed Jan 9 03:02:37 EST 2002

Right, they are. I tried to order them. 0.2 µmol scale, I got 20.2 nmoles
(7.7 nmoles of the biotinylated).  HPLC purified. They cost me $170.
The TF is recombinant. It is unsoluble, so it's almost pure after Inclusion
Body-Isolation.  The Affinity chromatography should be the last step.
It won't be bad if I can get enough for structure determination. And that
means a lot.


Artem Evdokimov schrieb in Nachricht ...
>Well, 80-mers of DNA are expensive, no matter what. More, if you stick
>biotin on them. Is your TF recombinant or natural ? How much TF do you
>really need ?

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