Recycling palstic tip holders

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Wed Jan 9 16:52:29 EST 2002

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> Subject:  Recycling palstic tip holders
> Does anyone know of a company, or place that we can recycle our plastic
> tip boxes; we use filter tips a lot, and have loads of empty boxes that
> noone seems to want, and yet seems a real waste to just throw in the
> waste. Are there any companies that recycle them? (We're based in london
> UK). Any suggesteions welcome!
> Jon

We use one of the refiller systems (VWR I think) where you buy the boxes
one time (however many you think your lab needs) and then you buy refills
of tips only.  Ours actually uses a little machine to do the loading, but
that was free from the vendor.  The only plastic that gets thrown away is
a thin sheet that holds the tip refill.


David M. Eisenmann
University of Maryland Baltimore County
Department of  Biological Sciences

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