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Thu Jan 10 03:11:36 EST 2002

Thierry Giffon schreef:

> Hello everybody and Happy new year !!!!
> I'd like to know if anybody would know a technique to keep slides for
> Immuno-histochemistry. On these slides I have T cells or thymocytes that
> I "attached" with Poly-L-Lysine. I tried fixing with PFA 2-4%, washing
> and dehydration but the cells didn't look good the next day. I would
> hate having to do my staining on the day I have to prepare and purify T
> cell subsets !!!!
> If anybody knows a trick, please make my year easier !!!

After fixation you can usually store slides (with cells or sections) in PBS
in the fridge for a few days. For longer storage add some formaldehyde (say
0,3%) to the PBS.
For really prolonged storage slides can be thouroughly dried (preferably
after dehydration with acetone), wrapped in Parafilm or cling film and kept
in the freezer (the colder the better). Let them warm to room temperature
before unpacking to avoid condensation.

H. Veldman
Laboratory for Experimental Neurology (NMZ)
University Medical Center Utrecht (AZU)

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