most constant gene during development

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>> I would be surprised if you can find one. There can be huge changes in
>> expression patterns and levels during differentiation and development.
>> Maybe you should tell us what problem you are trying to solve.
>I'm trying to reveal if there is an accumulation of a specific mRNA during
>Bufo's development. To avoid working with mRNA and Northern, I want to
>convert my specific mRNAs in ssDNA using fluorescein-dUTP and 
>Trascriptase. But, my signals, to be published, need to be normalized 
>a gene which mantains constant levels during development. Thanx so 

If you have probe for it, IMO Northern is probably your best bet. Then you 
can show a picture of the EtB-stained gel or the methylene blue stained 
blot to show you have equal loading and not even have to worry about a 
"control" gene, which you may not be able to find.

Is there a particular reason you are trying to avoid a northern?


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