ABI 377 using Dye Primers

Tony darthvaderscat at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 11 08:46:16 EST 2002


The actual problem was not well reflected in the question.

I am using one Dye only

I am on to a few leads myself

Sorry To bother


Duncan Clark <junk@[]> wrote in message news:<vUKmkbJr+rP8EA0C at genesys.demon.co.uk>...
> In message <ef8c5237.0201100134.461b64ec at posting.google.com>, Tony 
> <darthvaderscat at hotmail.com> writes on the Thu, 10 Jan 2002
> >Is this possible?
> Yes
> >If so could someone refer me to a method or the appropriate documentation
> Applied Biosystems themselves!
> Do a web search and you will find thousands of hits.
> I'm sorry but I consider this to be the type of question that you should 
> be able to find an answer for yourself.
> Duncan

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