does anyone use Northern here?

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Fri Jan 11 15:35:13 EST 2002

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> Stefi,
> Have you considered doing real-time PCR, ala TaqMan or Light
> Cycler, to relatively quantify your 2 messages?  If you know
> the sequences that you're investigating you might be able to
> design 2 FRET probes whose fluorescence would indicate the
> relative amounts of message.  The Applied Biosystems web
> site (for TaqMan chemistry; and
> the web site for a company called Molecular Probes
> (; they have a handbook there that
> you could look at) could help you determine if this is right
> for you.  I'm not affiliated with either company but I am
> familiar with their technology and reagents.

Well, actually in our lab there's no avaivable any real time RT-PCR
thermalcycler. That's our problem. Thanx anyway.
gifalone at

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