Visualization of marker on IEF agarose gels using the ECL method - how ?

Jens Rainer Hansen jens.rainer at
Tue Jan 15 05:44:59 EST 2002

I want to perform a blot from IEF on agarosegels to nitrocellulose
membrane, but how can i visualize the marker ? 

I have antibodies for the samples, but not for the marker which is
from amersham pharmacia - calibration kit for pI (17-0471-01).

One solution could perhaps be to compare a coomassie stained agarose
gel with the blot, where the samples are visualized using antibodies
etc. On the commasie stained gel it should be possible to se all  the
bands and on the membrane the specificity is achieved due to the

But is there a better method, when we want to use agarose gels and
blots ?

Thanks in advance

Jens Rainer

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