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Is this true for you? You have more experience in a particular subject than others with advanced college degrees but are having difficulty getting the recognition you need to be paid what your deserve based on your experience. For example, you have been working in shipping industry for seven years, are an expert in the field, but do not have the Business degree needed to get that promotion or better position in this difficult job market.

Then you need a Degree Equivalency & Accuracy Report. What is a Degree Equivalency Accuracy Report (DEAR)? A DEAR is a highly professional and detailed document, available in print, on the web, and on CDRom, that you send along with a resume' and cover letter. The DEAR is that special addition that makes employers stand up and TAKE NOTICE!   Suddenly, your application stands out from the rest and MAKES SENSE.

The Degree Equivalency Accuracy Report clearly and carefully interprets any courses you have take, any jobs you have had, any projects you have started or completed, and other life experiences and creates a clear picture of your knowledge and capabilities. What you submit is professionally analyzed to shows that you have, without going to college or other special training, attained the same level of expertise as someone who did earn a college or advanced degree.

The Degree Equivalency Accuracy Report can be more valuable than the college degree itself because it is written in plain English and is not a list of disjointed, odd sounding academic courses or degree names. When a potential employer or investor reads your DEAR, they understand more clearly your strengths, your knowledge, and what you will contribute to their company or organization.

And employers have the comfort of knowing that our reports are accurate and verified. Each document you provide to us is investigated and certified by the Institute. On the front of every report is our seal of authenticity. And since we make the report available, if you choose, via the Internet, you have a third party verification service that follows your report everywhere it goes.

How do you get your own fully tailored and personalized Degree Equivalency Accuracy Report? Its easy and only requires that you complete a few simple, but very important steps.

First, you send for our Degree Equivalency & Accuracy Report construction kit. Using this clearly written kit, which contains easy to use step-by-step instructions, you gather all of the documentation we need which includes transcripts, work evaluations, job descriptions, examples of your work, references, etc.

Second, you return all of the information we've asked you to collect in a large pre-paid envelope that we provide and our staff takes over from there. If we need clarification of any information, additional documents, or have questions, we contact you via email and make those requests. Our staff works diligently to produce a Degree Equivalency Report that  will have a MAJOR impact on everything you do in the future and will lead to greater job opportunities and higher incomes. The entire process takes about two weeks.

The Degree Equivalency & Accuracy Report you receive includes:

1 - A certificate awarded by the International Academic Reporting Institute
2 - A hard copy, highly professional report to submit with ever job application, college application, investment inquiry, etc.,
3 - The same report on CDRom to serve as a permanent record for your archives, and
4 - The Degree Equivalency & Accuracy Report posted on the internet for one year!

How much will the kit and evaluation/certification cost? There are companies today charging in excess of $5,000.00 for this service. But using the mail, telephone, and internet effectively, the International Academic Reporting Institute can send you the kit, process the information you return to us, and provide for you the professional printed report, report on CDRom, and report on a website (if you choose), all for just only $249.00. That is thousands of dollars less than the high-priced career consultants! And as your life progresses and changes, updates are only $25.00! It is affordable and makes sense. This is a limited time offer, so send for your kit TODAY.

And International Academic Reporting Institute ALWAYS offers a 100%, no hassles, no questions asked, LIFETIME money-back guarantee. You will be so satisfied with your Degree Equivalency & Accuracy Report that you'll tell your friends and colleagues about this amazing, valuable, life-changing service.

And as an added bonus, we will include 10 copied of the CDRom version and two copies of the paper report of your personalized report absolutely FREE!

How do you order? It is easy. You have two choices.

Send check or money order (Made payable to "SBI") for $199.00 to:

  DEAR Kit Fulfillment Group
  1602 Belle View Blvd, #130
  Alexandria, VA 22307-6531

Or complete the Visa/MasterCard form below and fax to 1-413-487-7457

ORDER TODAY! You starter kit will be in the mail within 48 hours of receiving your request. And the sooner you complete the kit information and return it to use, the sooner you will have your DEAR to enhance your professional life!

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