concentrating the proteins

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Thu Jan 17 02:02:19 EST 2002

Dear Amir
         To concentrate the proteins, you can use Amicon's Centricon 
system (ultrafilteration).
         However, as far as protetion from  proteases is concerened, 
there is no magic formulation for this. But,you can try these from 
Boehringer Mannheim:

             PMSF        35ug/ml              Serine proteases
             EDTA        0.3mg/ml             Metalloproteases
             Pepstatin A 0.7ug/ml             Acid proteases 
             Leucopeptin 0.5ug/ml             Broad spectrum

Good Luck!

Devender Kumar Saini,
R.A.(Immunodiagnosis Lab),
Dept. Veterinary Parasitology,
College of Veterinary Sciences,
CCS Haryana Agricultural University,Hisar,Haryana,
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