cDNA size selection columns

Michael L. Sullivan mlsulliv at
Thu Jan 17 09:12:23 EST 2002


I've had good luck with a Pharmacia (no affiliation) product, SizeSep 400.
which is designed (or at least marketed for) the purpose you describe.  It
will get rid of the linkers and dNTPs, and also size select for >400 bp.
If you want to have things smaller than that, then this product probably
isn't what you're looking for.


>Hi all,
>I want to remove dNTPs and adaptors from a cDNA-pool/library for its
>subsequent cloning into a vector. I don't really want to select for large
>cDNAs, but simply efficiently remove the other "small" stuff. I know of the
>CL-4B protocol in Maniatis, but would like to use premade columns. Does
>anyone know which to use or rather not to?

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