Design Tagged Primers

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: >Hello All,

: >In order to calculate the Tm of the primers shall I consider just the
: >sequence specific part of primer or complete primer (sequence specific 
: >of primer + tag sequence).
: >
: Just do it. In any case, you must have primers with a given sequence
: (tag+ORF) so who cares what Tm calculation or secondary structure
: tells you? If it is ditry, gel purify, if it does not work, change 
: temperature. The steps will not be different from those you'd do if
: you have "perfect" primers (as anyone will tell you, those are not
: guaranteed to work from first time either).
: DK

IMHO I agree with the "just do it" attitude.  Most of the TM calculators I 
have used do not give me very accurate annealing tmps when compared to 
optimization experiments.  Do you have access to a gradient thermocycler?

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