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	An easier way is to add 1/2 volume of 30% PEG 8000 (Sigma), 1.8 M NaCl to 
your cDNA, mix well, centrifuge immediately 10 min at RT, discard the sup 
which contains everything smaller than ~200 bp, dissolve the ppt (often 
invisible, it forms more of a film than a pellet).

	If you want to check the procedure out first, take a DNA marker with small 
bands, run this protocol.  See also  I switched to NaCl 
instead of MgCl2 to make it easier to dissolve the ppts.  If you use MgCl2 
I think you need to dissolve in TE, the EDTA will chelate the Mg, for NaCl 
any aqueous solvent will do.

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