Any experience using the Biacore 3000

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Tue Jan 22 12:04:41 EST 2002

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> > Hi Carmelo,
> > In my experience, 3000 is definitely better than 2000 (wider dynamic
> > higher sensitivity, lower noise, more flexible flow cell configuration,
> > etc.), just exactly what they say in Biacore brochures and on the
> > Emir
> >
> Thanks for your answer.
> What about the baseline drifts and the ICF getting plugged with the
> 3000?
> Carmelo

Well, I believe baseline drifts depend on your interaction system. There is
some baseline drift during first ~30 min with any newly docked chip. If you
have a baseline drift during the binding experiment, that means you need to
further optimize your system.

ICF would not get plugged if you use filtered and degassed liquids.

in my experience you have much less noise with 3000, especially those
fluctuations from flowfills, needle docking for injection, etc.


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