1/5X TE for long term storage of genomic DNA

Michael Witty mw132 at mole.bio.cam.ac.uk
Wed Jan 23 10:02:33 EST 2002

On 23 Jan 2002, kelvin wrote:

> that is a good idea,because I used lower conc.TE, even only water,it works
> well. don't warry about it. actually dna can be stored in cola or beer if
> you like. it is really robust!

My two cents: I tried purifying lambda DNA and storing in water at minus
twenty degrees. It broke down and went all smearry.  Maybe my water was of
poor quality, but since then I have always used the conventional T10E1
buffer, pH8.

Actually, I thought acid was bad for DNA and therefore Cola or Beer or any
carbonated drink would be a poor storage solution B-).

Regards, Mike.

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