Autoclaving MES

Michael Witty mw132 at
Wed Jan 23 16:19:23 EST 2002

On 23 Jan 2002, Michael L. Sullivan wrote:

> >
> >. . . anyone tried this?  Or does it break down.  Mike.
> I've used MES as a buffering agent in plant tissue culture media before,
> using an autoclaved stock and then re-autoclaving the media.  From the pH
> adustment prior to the second autoclaving, the MES had certainly retained
> buffering capacity, although I couldn't tell you that there was no
> breakdown at all.  It is certainly a fairly standard practice to make plant
> tissue culture media and autoclave it with the MES in it, but I suppose
> that doesn't mean there are no effects on the MES, just that that is how a
> lot of people do it!
> Hope this was somewhat helpful.
> Mike

. . . Thanks Mike.  I also phoned up the manufacturer: the real guy in the
Factory up north who makes it.  He is a chemist and says it should be
"stable way above 120 degrees".  I will bravely risk my 20x stock.  But
tomorrow.  Regards, Mike W.

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