You provide the specs. - We develop your product!

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Get to market fast, and focus your internal resources on what you're
good at doing.

Our commitment is to provide you with reliable, qualified, "right
solutions" to meet your ASIC requirements.

GOAL Semiconductor, a leader in mixed-signal ASIC design, provides
full turnkey product development through in-house capabilities for
analog and digital design, IC physical design, test program
development, automated wafer testing, device characterization and

We offer a friendly, flexible customer interface, which includes
specification definition, planning, implementation, design,
simulation, synthesis, place and route, timing analysis,
verification, device characterization and test done on-site at our

With full customer involvement and a thorough understanding of the
overall system level issues, GOAL defines, analyzes and suggests a
satisfactory set of acceptance criteria before sending the final
design to the foundry.

GOAL offers an extensive array of design expertise and IP, both
in the digital and analog realm.  Design and IP capabilities include
analog multiplexers, DAC's, ADC's, PLL's, ultra-low-power circuits,
temperature sensors, comparators, operational amplifiers, and more.
Digital IP includes microprocessors and a variety of microprocessor

Whether you need digital, analog or mixed-signal integrated
circuits or IP, in processes ranging from 0.18µm to 2µm, we provide
reliable, cost-effective and proven results utilizing state-of-the-art
design and development tools.

Our team of highly experienced engineers are ready to answer all your
questions about your specific ASIC needs.

For further information on custom solutions or our standard
products, please contact us today:

1-800-943-GOAL (4625) Extension 106
1-514-871-2447        Extension 106 
Email: info at
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