X->indigo chemistry

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Tue Jan 29 15:09:14 EST 2002

Take a look at this place:

If you are particularly interested on indol-->indigo reaction i could sugest you 
some papers....
just one that right now it's on my desk:

O'Connor K.E., Dobson A.D. y Hartmans S. (1997) "Indigo formation by 
microorganisms expressing styrene monooxygenase activity". Appl Environ 
Microbiol 63(11) pp.4287-91


Wolfgang Schechinger wrote:

> Hi all, 
> is anyone aware of a web based resource showing the the chemistry (formulas + 
> structurss) behind the X-Gal and similar assays?
> Regards, 
> Wo
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> Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan R.o.C.
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