Assignment in biology - need help

Y.T. amira.r at
Thu Jan 31 02:09:29 EST 2002

"Sometime in the future1500 people take off on a spacecraft(sp?) which is
1km x (Pi x 1)km, on a journey that will take 15 000 years and the ship goes
at the speed of 100km/s"

They have acesss to light,warmth, energi.All the technical aspects on how
the spacecraft will run e.t.c has alredy been 'taken care of'.

My assignment is to "decorate" this sapce craft so that all animals, plants
and humans can live in a stable ecological sociaty.

Since i don't know anything about biology except a for a few things such as
fotosynteses), and have never had an assignment in biology, i'm not sure
what i am supposed to do her, or how i am supposed to 'think', so i need
your help.


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