Assignment in biology - need help

Dr N.I. Leaves nleaves at
Thu Jan 31 05:13:52 EST 2002

take a look at the eden project...

good luck on your journey


On 31 Jan 2002, Y.T. wrote:

> "Sometime in the future1500 people take off on a spacecraft(sp?) which is
> 1km x (Pi x 1)km, on a journey that will take 15 000 years and the ship goes
> at the speed of 100km/s"
> They have acesss to light,warmth, energi.All the technical aspects on how
> the spacecraft will run e.t.c has alredy been 'taken care of'.
> My assignment is to "decorate" this sapce craft so that all animals, plants
> and humans can live in a stable ecological sociaty.
> Since i don't know anything about biology except a for a few things such as
> fotosynteses), and have never had an assignment in biology, i'm not sure
> what i am supposed to do her, or how i am supposed to 'think', so i need
> your help.
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