sonicator ear protector

S.Ballal ballal_sv at
Tue Jul 2 00:45:47 EST 2002

We also use standard industrial ear muffs and they work as they
should. ( Also a lot cheaper than what the lab sonicator catalog

"3M" is one established brand you can try.

Indus Biotherapeutics Ltd

Duncan Clark <junk@[]> wrote in message news:<yI+IRlEKnZG9EA7I@[]>...
> Historians believe that in newspost 
> <20020625144425.31652.qmail at> on Tue, 25 Jun 2002, 
> ongugin at penned the following literary masterpiece:
> >does anyone knows what are the common brands of good hearing protectors to be used with sonicators. i learned the hardway that stuffed tissue
> >paper into the ear doesn't work..
> Go to nearest DIY store and buy ear defenders, basically headphones. The 
> king that  people digging up roads should, but never, use.
> Duncan

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