Stable mammalian transfektion & housekeeping protein

change not to hot Nicolas von Ahsen nvahsen at
Thu Jul 4 13:32:29 EST 2002

Dear netters,

I established a mammalian cell line stably transfected with a
transgene using G418 selection (neo-R). I normalise results for the
protein expressed from the transgene with an ELISA for NPT, the neo-R
gene product.
Question: Which selection marker is suitable to introduce a second
transgene? I need a marker that can also be used for normalisation and
so far I found nothing comparable to neo-R and NPT. 
Is anyone aware of a method to measure blasticidin, zeozin or whatever
marker it may be activity or concentration?

Thank you,

University Hospital Goettingen
Internal Medicine
Dept. Klinische Chemie/Clinical Chemistry
Dr. med. Nicolas von Ahsen
Robert-Koch-Str. 40
37075 Goettingen

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