RNA extraction from pancreas

Roland Hubner roland.hubner at ua.ac.be
Mon Jul 8 16:15:28 EST 2002

Hi Daniel,

 RNA extraction from pancreas can be tremendously difficult depending on 
species (activity/quantity of RNase; plenty in acini) but you are not in 
this case  ;^)

 10 years back (TRIzol just appeared on market) I had no troubles to 
isolate it from rat pancreas with acidic phenol according to the now 
classic acidic phenol method of Piotr Chomczynski... one step, 
monophasic solution [just fill 50 ml tube with GITC, some salt, add the 
water & phenol] or two step worked fine...

 Though, spin at _FULL_ speed (+ 20.000 g in my case; test tubes first, 
as the cheaper brands crack)...

 Perhaps you (also) use too much pancreas per isolation? Try using 10x 

Good luck,

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