Non-caustic bleach substitute?

Roland Hubner roland.hubner at
Mon Jul 8 16:30:26 EST 2002

In article <3D226782.2CFFD281 at>, ahamel at (Andre Hamel) 

> Is anyone aware of non-caustic bleach substitute,
> which is as effective as 2-6% sodium hypochlorite 
> will destroy nucleic acids yet won't damage stainless 
> steel utensils & equipment? How about efectiveness of 
> DNA away or DNAzap from MBP compared to bleach?
> Andre Hamel
> PCR Scientist, Virology, Veterinary Services Diagnostic Laboratory
> Manitoba Agriculture, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
> ---

Hmmmm, but are these products not simply diluted bleach?    ;^)


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