Oligo precipitation

Wolfgang Schechinger marsupilamiwolfgang at web.de
Thu Jul 11 15:52:11 EST 2002

precipitate them with isopropanol or a 1-butanol or iso-amylalcohol. I think, 0.7 vol should do the job. mix well, (basically, you could add alc until you get white salt precipitations, the add some water)
Then chill well at -80 for some time (30 to 60 min), centrifuge well for 30 min at high sped in a benchtop fuge. Then remove (amd preserve) supernatant, wash pellet once or twice with oce cold 70% EtOH, air dry and re-dissolve.

You might check Maniatis or an online manual of some oligo manufacturer.

Good luck,

agallego at ncifcrf.gov schrieb am 11.07.02 22:20:59:
> I wonder if anyone can help me undo a mistake.  I mistakenly diluted modified oligos in 20uM Tris buffer down to 10uM instead of the concentrated 100uM stock I wanted.  I'm afraid the increase in Tris will affect my assay(virus load detection via RT-PCR).  Does anyone have a suggested protocol for concentrating oligo's by precipitation while eliminating the salts?
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> Alesia
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