cell recovery technique??

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Sat Jul 13 15:01:02 EST 2002

Don't your cells sediment under the forces of gravity? How can they "float
around" if you don't shake or stirr them, unless they have cilia. It would
be surprizing if they don't. Wait till they are on the bottom (or tilt the
dish so that they sediment at the corner), suck out as much as possible
medium from the top, fill with the new medium, repeat if necessary. Why
cannot you centrifuge them at ~2000xg? That should not damage them. If you
use filters, you will always have a problem of clogging, and lose cells.
Moreover, the damage is quite comparable to one from centrifugation.

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> Hi, i have the following problem:
> I have a number of 100 - 300 cells in a 35mm falcon culture dish and
48-multiwell culture dishes with the proper medium. The cells will not
attach to any surface so they are floating around. So i need a way to be
able to change medium WITHOUT centrifugation or FACS or any sofisticated
aparatus. Is there any filter or grid of somekind i could use?. I cannot
afford to loose any of them. I am waitting for your ideas
> Thank you in advance,
> Nikos Haliassos
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