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Wed Jul 17 01:02:24 EST 2002

Hi Volker,

I have had experience extracting RNA from a couple of different fungal
species, including Ophiostoma (which is what you are working with, yes?). I
didn't have any major problems with Ophiostoma, but I did have problems with
Aspergillus. I came to the conclusion that endogenous RNAse levels in
Aspergillus were quite high, which was causing degradation of the RNA.
Although the TRIzol that I was using had RNAse inhibitor included, I think
the endogenous RNAses were too high for full suppression of RNAse activity.
I was able to overcome the problem by increasing the amount of TRIzol used
per mg of tissue. I think I bumped it up about 5 fold. If you are
interested, I can look up the exact numbers I used.

Also, I tended to use the mycelium as fresh as possible. Rather than freeze
and store, I homogenized fresh mycelium in Trizol immediately after

Hope that helps. Feel free to email me if you like - jeades at
(remove the word NOSPAM to email me).

Josh Eades, PhD.
University of Victoria

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we are using Trizol Reagent for isolation of total RNA from a fungus that
can be either grown as yeast or as mycelium. RNA extraction from yeast
cells works well. But when we work with mycelium we get a lower yield and
multiple bands (degradation?). We follow the standard Trizol protocol
provided with the reagent. Our tissue is prepared as follows: grown on
cellophane over solid medium, harvested, ground to powder in liquid
nitrogen and stored at -80C.

Do you have any suggestions/tricks on how to isolate RNA from mycelium
using Trizol that could improve quantity and quality of the RNA?

Best wishes,

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