Authors wanted

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Fri Jul 19 14:53:08 EST 2002

I am looking for candidates who wish to write the following chapters, which I would like to add to the book I am writing. 

Authors will receive credit for their chapter during publication. 
Authors should have a PhD or equivalent education in the field they wish to write about. Credentials are subject to verification. 
Only authors of accepted scripts will be contacted. 

Please forward your CV along with the script for the chapter you wish to write. 

shamur12000 at 

It will help especially those looking for publications.

Chapters : 

-Basic Molecular Biology Techniques 
-Transfection of Human Retinoblastoma Cells 
-In Situ Hybridization 
-Immunocytochemical Studies of the Retina 
-Antisense DNA Technology 
-Inhibition of Gene Expression by Ribozymes 
-Intraocular Delivery of Recombinant Virus 
-Preparation of Recombinant Adenoviruses 
-Generation of Recombinant Adeno-Associated Virus 
-Preparation of Recombinant Retroviruses 
-Generation of Transgenic Mice for Studies of Ocular Development and Disease 
-Generation of Knockout Animal Models 
-Mutation Analysis of Ocular Genes

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