Rhizobium Genomic DNA Extraction

Gerd Nilsen gerdn at ibg.uit.no
Mon Jul 22 09:09:27 EST 2002

Extracting DNA for PCR have always been a waste of time.

make your PCR mix
take a yellow tip
dip the yellow tip into a fresh colony of your rhizobium
stir the same tip in your PCR mix
close the PCR tube, put it into the PCR machine, 
start your programme 
which should include 5 min at 95 C to at the start.
Alternatively you could do the 5 min 95 C before adding the Taq.
It's imortant to have fresh culture (not more than maybe a week since
Good luck.

On 18 Jul 2002 02:18:36 -0700, inabulsi at ajeeb.com (Imad) wrote:

>could you please send me the most suitable protocol for Rhizobium
>genomic DNA extraction starting from cloned bacteria in a solid
>medium, for RAPD application.
>Thank you very much.

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