Dye Primers

Brian shopscifi at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jul 23 02:16:30 EST 2002

Sorry for being vague
I am doing dye primer sequencing with an abi3100, but the dye primers
that ABI supply are in kit form, with terminating bases and enzyme, I
would like to do dye primer sequencing without using the ABI kit, and
looking at the dye sets that ABI support NED comes up in most of them
so I was looking for ordering information, who could I order FAM, HEX,
NED, ROX, JOE dyes from, I would like to go to just one supplier



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> :From: Brian [mailto:shopscifi at yahoo.co.uk]
> :In addition to this request, does any one know of the NED dye used on
> :primers, or can point me in the correct direction?
> :> Does any one know of a company that produces dye primers (m13 or
> :> custom) that has dyes compatible with ABIs 3100 sequencer, the custom
> :> dye primers ABI produce are not compatable
> Hi Brian
> I have a 310 and am using it for fragment analysis.  I may be able to 
> help but I am not sure what you mean:
> "the custom dye primers ABI produce are not compatable" - compatible 
> with what??
> What technique are you using??  Have you spoken to a tech person at ABI 
> or tried to order custom primers from Perkin Elmer??
> " does any one know of the NED dye" - yes, I know of the NED dye, but 
> what kind of information do you want to know about NED???  Do you want 
> to know if some other company makes primers with NED?  I beleive that PE 
> has the proprietary ownership of most of those dyes!!
> Hope this helps
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