imidazole and anion exchange resin

Margaret Luk-Paszyc polshgrl at
Wed Jul 24 12:45:19 EST 2002

Hello all --

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of the posts and responses over the
last few months, but I finally have a question of my own.  Concerning an
anion exchange resin, such as Amersham's source 30Q, does imidazole
(say, 50 mM imidazole) pose a hazard to my column?  If so, what
concentration of imidazole is considered "safe".  To better explain my
situation, I am working on a 6xHis-tagged protein that apparently degrades
the longer it sits; to combat this problem, I am trying to purify as
quickly as I can.  I've come across a similar problem as other bionetters,
where my protein elutes from a Ni-NTA column at only 50 mM imidazole...
and dialysis takes too long and additional bands appear.  PD10 columns
seem to eat my protein, so that is out of the question. The only other
option I can think of is diluting my Ni-NTA pooled fractions.  

Does anyone else have a good idea, or can anyone at least tell me how bad
imidazole is for Q resin?

Thanks a lot!

Sincerely yours, 
Maggie Luk-Paszyc
SUNY Stony Brook

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