RNase-free water

Emir Khatipov khatipovNO at NOuchicago.edu
Fri Jul 26 10:57:01 EST 2002

Of course you cannot get rid of RNAse by filtration (unless of course you
use filters with pore size smaller that RNAse molecule, which is in the
range of a couple of dozen angstroms).
What DEPC residues you mean? DEPC is decomposed during autoclaving into
ethanol and CO2! Read this http://www.ambion.com/techlib/tb/tb_178.html and
don't worry :-)
- Emir

"Volker Jacobi" <Volker.Jacobi at rsvs.ulaval.ca> wrote in message
news: at biota.rsvs.ulaval.ca...

we regularly treat deionized water with 0.01% DEPC to render it RNase-free.
Yet, we are also aware that DEPC residues can modify nucleic acids. So we
are looking for alternatives to DEPC-treatment.

Is passing water through a 0.2-µ filter disk a safe way to eliminate RNases?



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