RNase-free water

Roland Hübner roland.hubner at ua.ac.be
Mon Jul 29 14:55:18 EST 2002

> > Presumably you are autoclaving it which if so does not leave anything
> > other than ethanol behind. If you do not autoclave then that level of
> > DEPC could certainly cause problems.
> I agree that using DEPC without autoclaving is dangerous, experiment wise.
> Even with autoclaving I could only do RNA work with the water.  In my more
> naive days, I figured that DEPC autoclaved water if it was good for RNA then
> it must be better for DNA -- *wrong*...  I had to repeat everything that day
> using autoclaved water.

 Whoaw! but how long did you autoclave DEPC-spiked water?

 On a sideline, does somebody know what the fruity smell of autoclaved 
DEPC-water comes from?


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