Transfection of Swiss 3T3 cells

Andrés adekanty at
Mon Jun 3 15:35:08 EST 2002

I am currently trying to transfect Swiss 3T3 cells and would like any
information regarding methods/reagents that give the highest
efficiency in this cell type. To date I have tried calcium phosphate
method and others like Superfect and effectine transfection reagent
(from Qiagen) which gives very low evels (1-5%). Other people have
used a lipid-based method (such as lipofection, lipofectamin) which
yield higher
results in other cell types, however, it didn´t work in swiss 3T3. 
Then, any suggestions for transfection methods would be great.
Thankyou.  Andrés.
Leloir Institute, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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