well plate readers

S.Ballal ballal_sv at hotmail.com
Tue Jun 4 07:09:59 EST 2002

The only problem which I can think of is that they are EXPENSIVE. 

They are quite useful though as you can use them as spectrophotmeters
too and carry out microassays.

Also consider that you would require microplates suitable for UV

We use one from Molecular Devices called Spectramax and THEY ARE GOOD
with a simple but strong software.

Ahmedbad , India  

"Martinus" <Martinus.Capelle at pharm.unige.ch> wrote in message news:<3cf1de31 at news.unige.ch>...
> Dear molbio methds reagents group,
> Does anyone have experience with fluorescence and / or UV-Vis well plate
> readers that use monochromators?
> Can you give me the (dis) advantages of the equipment that you use.
> We (university of Geneva) are looking to buy a fluo / UV WPR for formulation
> studies on proteins and peptides.
> Greetings Martinus Capelle

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