CEQ versus 3100???

Victor L. levenson at northwestern.edu
Tue Jun 4 15:26:41 EST 2002

Dear all,

The lab has come into some money and will purchase a capillary
After careful considerations I decided that ABI3100 and CEQ8000 are
the options to choose from. BUT - what is the consensus among the
community out there, which one is better; specifically, which one is
 - more user-friendly, 
 - less down time, 
 - less expensive to run, 
 - longer reads, 
-  more accurate reads

If you can let me know why you DO NOT like the sequencer that you
have, I will be happy to compile the answers and post them for the
My e-mail is levenson at northwestern.edu - if you want I will remove the
identifier from your answer.



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