Linear polyacrylamide (LPA)

D.K. dk at
Wed Jun 5 19:56:22 EST 2002

Mark.Solomon at (Mark Solomon) wrote:
>Sheesh, does everyone go the kit route these days!  The stuff's incredibly
>easy to make and dirt cheap.  See

Who do you think LB tablets and precast agarose gels are made for? 

>Gaillard C, Strauss F. 
>Ethanol precipitation of DNA with linear polyacrylamide as carrier. 
>Nucleic Acids Res. 1990 Jan 25;18(2):378.
>All you do is polymerize acrylamide in the absence of bis-acrylamide (the

That would require having acrylamide solution at a time when many 
buy ready gels or premixed aa/bis solutions :-) 


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