express tac promoter in BL21(DE3)

Thu Jun 6 10:10:52 EST 2002

gianluca wrote:

> Hi, I read in a paper that a vector with Ptac promoter (pMal) was
> expressed in BL21(DE3) cells.
> Since I want to replicate this experiment, do you think that there
> could be problems with T7 RNA pol expression after IPTG addition?

I don't know, but IMHO  it shouldn't.

> In case of affirmative answer, can you suggest a E. coli strain I
> could use? I thought of JM109.

I've used some different strains to protein overexpression. UT5600 (OmpT 
mutant)works just fine with the pMAL system (actually, it's the suggested one by 


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