Agarose gel

Michael L. Sullivan mlsulliv at
Mon Jun 10 08:18:53 EST 2002

As others have pointed out, this sounds like using too much EtBr in 
the gel.  I usually use 1 ul of a 10 mg/ml stock EtBr per 100 ml of 
gel.  In my hands, this gives good staining without excessive 
background.  You may also note that sometimes old stock solutions can 
become more concentrated and/or have EtBr crystals form in them, in 
which case it's easy to end up with too much EtBr in the gel.

Hope this helps.


>Dear all,
>Some people in the lab I work have some problems with the quality of
>their EtBr-Agarose gel. The top part seems completely saturated with
>EtBr and give a glow making image analysis very difficult.
>Is there too much EtBr ? Or another explanation ?
>It looks like it is very common problem but I never had an explanation
>of it,
>Thanks in advance for your time,
>Bertrand Collet


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