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Duncan Clark junk at
Fri Jun 14 08:07:26 EST 2002

Historians believe that in newspost 
<aecm0r$h6t$1 at> on Fri, 14 Jun 2002, Mitko 
<dushkov at> penned the following literary masterpiece:
>Does anybody know user-friendly software for drawing vector maps, which do
>not require entering the complete sequence of the vector but only the
>positions of the restrictions sites, genes and features?  Preferably a
>freeware ;-)

Don't know about freeware but CloneMap (CGC Scientific will work with or without sequence. 
Different versions for Mac and Windows and it will work with Win2K. Odd 
quirks but it does generate nice maps that can be pulled into MsWord 
etc. For academia from USD145-195.

Just a user for three years.

I love deadlines. I especially like the whooshing noise they make as
they go flying by.

Duncan Clark
GeneSys Ltd.

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