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Mon Jun 17 11:47:20 EST 2002


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 sweining2002 at yahoo.com (song weining) wrote:

> If you use Sigma's dNTP set (DNTP-10    Sigma
> catalogue pg1582) for PCR, you will find 
> dATP, dCTP, dGTP   TTP???
> Anybody has any ideas why it's TTP instead of dTTP?
> The composition is on the package as well as in the
> catalogue. It does not look like a simple typo.

 TTP is correct denomination (look up chemical formula!),
but after "dNTP" was introduced shortcut for a set of four
people started to mix up things and report "dTTP"... [now guess
what happened to the terminators for sequencing, eh?]

 BTW, that's probably why Sigma lists both names under "T9656",
p. 1622 ...

> I called Sigma but they cannot explain. My emailed
> them has never been answered.

 Do they still sell "stop codons in 3 frames" as "transcription 


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