SuperScript II cDNA prep ... can I merge steps?

And'ys bionet andrew.bettany at
Thu Jun 20 02:36:25 EST 2002


Maybe I have misread my SuperScript protocol but I use a mastermix routinely
and get cDNA (of course, I might get more if I am doing it wrong . . . .).

I denature the RNA and random primers for 10 minutes at 65oC and then add to
an aliquot of mastermix containing all the necessary components (including
the SuperScript).  I then incubate this mix at 25oC for 10 mins and 42oC for
60 mins. As I said, it works for me - and is considerably less painful than
the method you describe!



"Ian A. York" <iayork at> wrote in message
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> SuperScript II and other RTs have  as part of their protocol to assemble
> all ingredients but the RT, incubate for a couple minutes at 42 (or 37)
> oC, and then add the RT.
> That's a pain, when you have a bunch of samples.  It would be vastly
> easier to include the RT in the master mix at the beginning (or rather at
> the second step, because you'd still need to do the denaturing and
> snap-cool step).  Has anyone tried adding the RT at that point rather than
> waiting for 2 minutes and adding it?
> A further complication is that I'm using random primers for the cDNA,
> which calls for a 25 oC 10 minute incubation before shifting to 42 oC for
> 2 minutes, then adding SuperScript ... would that 10 minutes at 25 oC
> damage the SuperScript?
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