A comparison between AgeI and BshTI

Trond Erik Vee Aune trondaun at chembio.REMOVETHISBEFOREREPLYING.ntnu.no
Thu Jun 20 06:40:25 EST 2002

Duncan Clark wrote:

> Historians believe that in newspost 
> <3D11AC6C.4020900 at chembio.REMOVETHISBEFOREREPLYING.ntnu.no> on Thu, 20 
> Jun 2002, Trond Erik Vee Aune 
> <trondaun at chembio.REMOVETHISBEFOREREPLYING.ntnu.no> penned the following 
> literary masterpiece:
>> The database could only list those enzymes commercially available (the 
>> others are of no interest in this context), and it doesn't have to be 
>> complete with all enzymes at the beginning. Only when someone has 
>> specific experiences with a particular enzyme shuld it be added to the 
>> list. Optimally users could themselves add detailed comments to each 
>> enzyme. At least such a database would be very useful to inexperienced 
>> cloners...
>> I'll give you an URL to a prototype of such a database when I've made 
>> it...
> Then talk to Rich Roberts at NEB and ask if he can put an extra addition 
> to REBASE. NEB co-ordinate all RE data (you can't have people naming 
> different enzymes the same etc.) and that is the best place to have such 
> info. If you need an e-mail address for Rich, let me know.

But would an employee at NEB make a database with comparisons of 
different enzymes from different manufacturers? And would they allow 
users to write comments that clearly favors a competitive manufacturers 
product? Let me come with an example: AgeI is sold by NEB, BshTI is sold 
by Fermentas, would NEB feel allright with having a database where it 
says that one of Fermentas' products is much better than NEB's 
alternative? Because this is the type of information I would like to 
find in my imaginative database, comparisons between different enzymes 
possibly sold by different companies.

Trond Erik

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