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>> >Thanks guys! So, I gather, it's either MJ Research's products, or PE's
>> >Applied Biosystems). Now there's the issue of intuitive programming that
>> >mentioned here. I checked MJ and ABS websites. Looks like Dyad has a more
>> >advanced screen then the DNA Engine. Thus, I guess programming should be
>> >more advanced/intuitive in Dyad. Is this so? Would PE's 9700, or its
>> >successor 2700, have a much easier programming interface? Some one here
>> >mentioned that programming on PE machines is much easier. It is certainly
>> >better if it would not be necessary to go through the manual every time
>> >did not use the instrument for a while.
>> >
>> >Cheers,
>> >Emir
>> I really doubt it will be a problem. Even on the really old, two-line
>> display MJ's programming was very simple.
>> OTOH, some people have problems programming a VCR....
>> David
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>Well, I am talking about "VCRs" with non-intuitive programming logic. You
>probably know, there are e.g. calculators that don't have a = key, and use a
>special "stack scroll" key to make calculations with the numbers in
>different stacks... However, I got your point of course: these days with the
>market as competitive as it is such blunders must be rare.

Hear, hear. Of all the PCR machines I've used (about five different models
including this group's favorite MJ), there was only one that had decent 
programming. Applied Biosystem's old and new machines. Those require
no learning, NONE whatsoever. _Everything_ is shown graphically on
an LCD display and you just move cursor with arrow keys to change 
any parameter, then press "store". 

I'll take this simplicity over dual blocks feature and convenience of 0.5 ml
tubes any time. 


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